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Prior to Class Start:

  1. Read the syllabus
  2. Read the course Learning Guide
  3. Watch the course welcome video

Obtain required texts-

  1. Bible
  2. Building a Discpling Culture” by Mike Breen (3rd edition)


Course Purpose:

  1. To DEFINE mission and ministry.
  2. To DISCOVER God’s heart for redemption and reconciliation.
  3. To DEVELOP an idea of one’s own role in God’s invitation to participate.
  4. To broaden and diversify student’s understanding of God’s mission, where it has gone awry due to human error, and how it can be restored to his original intent and design.

Students will journey through the process of deconstructing and examining their concept of mission and ministry, in order to then reconstruct this concept based on a variety of Biblical and academic readings. At the course culmination, students will be able to offer their own developed definition of God’s mission at work in the world as well as their own role in said mission. This course will lay the foundation for understanding why and how God is at work in the world, as students proceed to Intro to Ministry Part II where they will learn what it looks like for them to practically and technically engage with God’s mission in the specific, unique ways in which they are called.


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