Changing the paths of Kingdom leaders

Under-resourced leaders and churches are being prevented from strengthening their God-given abilities simply because they lack access. Under-resourced leaders are defined as gifted leaders, not given access to the opportunities, both educationally and experientially, to become substantial leaders. Communities worldwide have experienced this deficit, particularly in the local church and the leaders they produce. Imagine the change that would transpire if leaders had equitable access to high-level resources regardless of socioeconomic status. The existence of the Freedom School of Ministry is to make that dream a reality. The provision of an affordable, relevant, and accessible education rooted in servant leadership created The Freedom School of Ministry (FSOM). 

As ministry leaders, we can all look back and remember someone who helped us find the path we are on today. There were moments in our lives where everything changed and the trajectory of our life was altered.

FSOM desires to help Kingdom leaders discover the path that God has laid out for them

And we are inviting YOU to partner with us to do just that…


We enroll new students every fall! We are always excited about partnering with churches and organizations to help equip and resource Kingdom leaders. We know that we are not called to do ministry alone. We are better together.

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FSOM would love to partner with you in prayer for our leaders who are in the community on the path the Lord has for them. We would love for you to be praying about who you know that could benefit from any aspect of FSOM?


We exist to equip and resource Kingdom leaders and we are able to provide a 2 year learning community experience (valued at $6,000!!!) for only $600 a year. We would love for you to join our partners who help financially, so we can keep costs affordable. You can sign up to be a monthly giving partner or give a one time gift BY CLICKING HERE.

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Our Strategic Goal

FSOM is an online learning community that provides a two-year ministry readiness program for under-resourced leaders. We train students in both theological education and leadership development. Our instructional staff is intentionally diverse, made up of over 40% minority instructors. Pastors and ministers with vast years of experience are walking alongside students, not only to teach the courses but to provide leadership coaching within their respective ministries of expertise. We give students space to explore their unique calling with ministry labs that promote ministry excellence, marketplace ministry, community development and entrepreneurial endeavors. The FSOM provides the same level of education as a seminary degree at an affordable rate of $600 per year per student.