About Us

Under-resourced leaders and churches are being prevented from strengthening their God-given abilities simply because they lack access. Under-resourced leaders are defined as gifted leaders, not given access to the opportunities, both educationally and experientially, to become substantial leaders. Communities worldwide have experienced this deficit, particularly in the local church and the leaders they produce. Imagine the change that would transpire if leaders had equitable access to high-level resources regardless of socioeconomic status. The existence of the Freedom School of Ministry is to make that dream a reality. The provision of an affordable, relevant, and accessible education rooted in servant leadership created The Freedom School of Ministry (FSOM). 


Our Story

Freedom Life Church started in 2004 with $0 and 27 people and a clear calling to change the way people see God and embody the DNA of the kingdom. Now 15 years later we have seen God multiply our efforts by being a church of 1500 with multiple campuses. Our church has grown in size and scope, we are multicultural, and multi-generational, in both our congregation and leadership. We have been able to do this because of a very effective leadership development system. Because so many churches have asked us how, we have decided to make it available exclusively online. This is FREEDOM SCHOOL OF MINISTRY.  

Who we are

A diverse team of leaders with vast years of experience walking alongside students to provide students space and guidance to explore their unique calling in ministry – in or out of the church.

Vision statement

Classroom today, Community tomorrow, Change The World!

Mission statement

Prepare and equip under-resourced Kingdom leaders

Our Strategic Goal

FSOM is an online learning community that provides a two-year ministry readiness program for under-resourced leaders. We train students in both theological education and leadership development. Our instructional staff is intentionally diverse, made up of over 40% minority instructors. Pastors and ministers with vast years of experience are walking alongside students, not only to teach the courses but to provide leadership coaching within their respective ministries of expertise. We give students space to explore their unique calling with ministry labs that promote ministry excellence, marketplace ministry, community development and entrepreneurial endeavors. The FSOM provides the same level of education as a seminary degree at an affordable rate of $600 per year per student. 

Our Core Values

  • Generosity
  • Relevance
  • Authenticity
  • Diversity