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INSTRUCTOR: Denvil Lee | | Office Hours hosted virtually by appointment

DESCRIPTION: This course will provide training & instruction on the effective use of discipleship tools to effect spiritual
growth in individuals and multiply leadership within churches/ministries. Students will focus on personal discipleship
and develop a framework for multiplying disciples in any cultural context.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Having successfully completed this course, students will have demonstrated that they:
1. have an introductory knowledge of Kingdom discipleship
2. can identify discipleship topics and themes in the scriptures.
3. can identify culturally relevant tensions in our biblical mandate of ‘making disciples’
4. can specify a range of concepts and questions to aid in our personal discipleship
5. have competence in the practice of disciplining peoples of various cultural backgrounds
6. design and format a discipleship plan for a specific context

COURSE FORMAT: This course will be conducted online and aligned with FSOM’s academic calendar.
This class requires one hour zoom calls bi-weekly.

1. Video Lecture Response DUE FRIDAY NIGHTS (2 Hours) – Bi-Weekly
2. Reading Reflection DUE FRIDAY NIGHTS (2 Hours) – Weekly
3. Discipleship blueprint DUE SUNDAY NIGHTS (1 hour) – Weekly
4. Final Paper OR Project DUE TUESDAY 3/26/24 (4 hours) – Finals Week


Join Zoom Meeting 7:30pm EST
Meeting ID: 305 431 6575
Passcode: 2024

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