Taken as a whole the course curriculum provides the student with a well-rounded knowledge of the spiritual and practical tools they will need to effectively lead within, and make an impact for, the Kingdom of God in whatever area of ministry they are called to serve in. The goals of our course curriculum are fourfold, specifically to provide:

Theological Depth, Leadership Competency, Personal Ministerial Sustainability, and Clarity of The Call.



Pick from our catalog of on-demand courses and gain the insights in topics you’ve desired to learn more about. The on-demand courses are facilitated by our world-class instructors and follows the same framework as our certificate program. You’ll have a chance to purchase textbooks and resources in order to get the full experience or you can benefit from the lectures and slim materials. Courses include topics such as:

Leadership and Management, Old & New Testament, Hermeneutics, and more.


About Us

FSOM is an online learning community that provides a two-year ministry readiness program for under-resourced Kingdom leaders. We train students in both theological education and leadership development. Our instructional staff is intentionally diverse, made up of over 40% minority instructors. Pastors and ministers with vast years of experience are walking alongside students – not only to teach the courses – but to provide leadership coaching within their respective ministries of expertise. We give students space to explore their unique calling with ministry labs that promote ministry excellence, marketplace ministry, community development and entrepreneurial endeavors. The FSOM provides the same level of education as a seminary degree at an affordable rate of $600 per year per student. 

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You will be a part of a diverse online learning community, provided affordable education at your door, receive coaching from ministry experts and investment from established churches & partners.

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Lynn Walker

Freedom School of Ministry was hands on learning with the grace to grow through trial and error and relevant teachings. I loved how FSOM didn’t stay stagnant, but actually developed alongside of me keeping one step ahead of me and my needs for growth.

Brandess Holmes

FSOM has helped me realize that ministry isn’t just about being in a church, it’s really about being wherever you are and allowing the Christ in you to influence your environment. For me, God has happened to lead me to a vocational ministry position, which is mind blowing to me! I’m very thankful though for God’s super intentional timing because having the resources of FSOM teachers, pastors, coaches and peers helps me to know I’m not alone and that I have a village backing me, rooting for me to win.

Tim McCain

At Freedom School of Ministry, I received a quality education on how to become a servant leader. Through workshops, mentorships, and community I learned how to lead with confidence, humility and strength.